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Conflux Magazine is a publication on mixed identity.

*the magazine*

conflux /kän' fləks/ (n): 1. the junction of two rivers; 2. a magazine on the junction of identities

A conflux is the point where two rivers meet to form a new river, and it is the perfect way to describe how our identities and influences meet within us. So often people talk about identity in a reductive, mutually exclusive way: you're either black or white, this nationality or that, a native or an outsider.

But that's so outdated. What about those of us who are in the middle: mixed race, third culture, immigrant, or somewhere in between? The world is mixing more than ever, and it's only going to get mix-ier from here. Being mixed isn't the exception, it's the new normal—and that's pretty cool.

Conflux tells the story of mixed identity around the world: we explore how our identities interact, take our mixedness as inspiration, and try to figure out what all of this means as the world changes. We put out online articles monthly and a print magazine once a year. Conflux is based in Berlin and New York City.

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Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief, Berlin


Co-Founder, New York City


Contributing Art Director


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