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Danny Fisher: EP

Danny Fisher: vol. 1


What is your EP titled and why?

I’m just calling it VOL 1. as a promise of more to come.

How does your ethnic and cultural background impact the music you make?

I don’t know if being mixed affects my interest but it lines up that I have pretty varying influences which output a kinda unique hybrid style. My stuff is definitely hip hop oriented but there’s lots of other soul, funk, and some folk influence in it for sure.

Which song off the EP feels most meaningful/important to you and why?

'Lil Lonely' gets me hard. Some of the more emotional songs like 'intro' and '15 year old boy' are super meaningful but I’ve kind of moved through some of those feelings cuz they’re pretty specific songs I wrote about specific things but 'lil lonely' just always feels kinda relevant in my head like it still tugs at me.

Describe your songwriting process to me. I'm familiar with your music and know you are keen on a cappella features-- will that ever change in the near future?

Yeah, so all the songs are built of loops of my voice with some effects on some tracks. That was just a super intuitive thing for me. It helped that I did some a cappella and chorus in high school but once I found my first loop pedal it just kinda happened. Little tunes that played in my head could become these super rich songs. I’m always open to using other stuff but this just feels most true to me. Like if I were to do another project under another name or in a group I could add real instruments or more traditional production. But as long as it’s just danny fisher the most you’ll hear is possibly some added bass and a lil drums. Unless it’s some special track like an interlude. 

What inspires you to write a song-- to write specific lyrics?

Stuff I like or that’s going on. It’s all pretty personal even if the content isn’t about something that literally happened to me they come from real feelings or shit I’m interested in.

What other art do you do that seeps into your music making artistry?

Pretty obvious but collage is huge for me. It just feels very similar to music like this cutting and reshaping of influences to form something original and special and communicative. Sculpture and performance art too. I wanna get way more into like stage design and more elaborate structures and performances which I’ve done a bit of. 

How would you describe yourself as an artist in 3 words?

Playful, familiar, unapologetic. 

How would you describe yourself as a friend in 3 words?

Playful, validating, thoughtful. 

What would you like to do in life besides make music?

Aside from making lots of other kind of art I want to make positive social change in the world and try to minimize global harm.

What challenges do you foresee as a young black man in the music industry, in your specific genre; do you see any?

It’s easy to get boxed in to something. Like I think for me specifically the shit I make it very label-less or hard to pin down. That’s double edged cuz I don’t wanna be boxed into something I’m not and packaged as a product. But also I hope that I’m not so different that I’m alienating. And black art is at the mercy of white consumption so I just hope they don’t try to tell me who I am or how to feel.